Payment terms


  • Friday packge 80 e
  • Saturday package 80 e
  • Two day package 140 e*

* discounted price for two day packages (foreign groups 80 e, Finnish groups 100 e)


Payment terms:

  • The workshops are paid by billing only
  • The customer will receive a bill via email shortly after registration
  • Only two day packages can be paid in 4 parts, the bills will be due once a month on the 2nd of each month.
  • If the bill is not paid on time it will be sent to collection agency (Perintätoimisto) with additional charges.



  • Fill in the electronic workshop registration form and choose the workshop package
  • Submit your contact details
  • By submitting the electronic form you agree to payment terms
  • The registration for the workshops is binding
  • In case of paying in 4 parts, the first bill will be sent to the customer shortly after the registration, the next ones in each following month


Conditions for guest performing and Finnish/foreign groups:

The discount will be given if at least 6 members of the guest performing or Finnish/foreign group are buying a two day workshop package.