Indian Dance Festival Goes Climate Neutral

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”We at Indian Dance Festival association think that no one can do everything but everyone can do something. It is important to act now and act together towards climate neutral future. With our Indian Dance Festival this year we wanted to raise awareness of climate change and do our best to make the festival climate neutral. We want to encourage people to stay positive and do everything they can for the environment. Dancing can be a way to express natures suffering caused by climate change but it can also be a way to spread joy of working together towards a greener world.”
-Indian Dance Festival Core Team


Indian dance festival on UN's Climate Neutral Now web page's event page

Celebrating climate neutral events

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This year we planted over 100 trees together with the City of Tampere. The trees were planted in Vuores, Tampere and our opening ceremony of this years festival was related to that and also held at Vuores. 


Raising awareness

In the festivals opening ceremony we brought up green values together with Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew, Embassy of India to Finland and Estonia, City of Tampere and Myrskyvaroitus ry. There was a dance flashmob, speeches and trees were planted in Vuores, Tampere. We also performed a "Climate Dance" for our guests. The dance choreography was made by Daniel Paul, aswell as a video of it (found below).


This year IDF has a team that is dedicated for making the festival climate neutral. If you have questions or ideas about the work related to the climate, you can contact us by sending e-mail to the following address: