Take part in the most unique event of the year!

Indian Dance Festival is arranged every year in Tampere, Finland, by Indian Dance Festival association. The festival is already the biggest of its kind in the Nordics with 4,000 participants. Our main goal is to promote Indian dance and culture, as well as bring people together. Every year we try to make the festival a little bigger!

The festival consists of various activities. The year 2018 was the third time the festival was arranged. One-week-long festivities included a dance flash mob, a yoga class, a Bollywood movie night, Europe’s biggest Bollywood dance competition, a Bollywood party and, in the weekend, workshops held by star instructors and the main event Show Night.

The festival brings to Finland some of the most popular Indian dance performers and instructors. By far we have had Melvin Louis, Ravi Varma and Raymond Callanan from India, Svetlana Tulasi and Indian Dance Group Mayuri from Russia, Anna Dimitratou and Sumon Rudra from Greece, Karan Pangali from the UK, Amit Patel and Kumari Suraj from the USA and Shenbak Raj from Sweden. Workshops have included styles from Bollywood and semiclassical to kathak, bhangra and hip-hop.

The festival week always culminates in Show Night where international and national Bollywood groups, as well as home town's own Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew, take the stage to show off their talent. For three times now Show Night has been sold out and has undoubtedly taken its place in Tampere's cultural life. 

Behind the festival is IDF Core Team that plans and organizes the festival and related events, but the whole festival wouldn't be possible without the big group of volunteers that make the magic happen. 

The main partners of the festival are Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew dance school, the City of Tampere and the Embassy of India to Finland and Estonia.